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Traitement de l’arthrose et de l’arthrite de l’épaule

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Traitement invisalign au meilleur prix


More and more patients are happily smiling thanks to the Invisalign transparent aligner. This modern orthodontic treatment approach, without use of metal wires, allows you to straighten your teeth in a virtually invisible manner.


Using precise impressions, a laboratory prepares a virtual three dimensional reproduction of the mouth as well as dental movements according to a well designed treatment plan established by our orthodontist, Dr. Julie Caron.

Once the virtual treatment is confirmed, a series of smooth, comfortable, clear aligners is fabricated. Each aligner will be used to move teeth to the ideal location. Aligners are changed every 14 days and worn at all times, except when removed for meals.

These aligners are usually very well tolerated by the patient.

Oral hygiene care is facilitated as the aligners are removable for brushing and flossing. Dr. Caron will be able to let you know if this type of orthodontic treatment is recommended for you since not all orthodontic problems can be treated with this technique.

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