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Trios is more than just a simple impression

Because we believe that our patients deserve the best, Centre Dentaire Anjou is proud to offer its patients the new Trios digital scanning technology. This is a new way of taking oral impressions.

Fast and comfortable

Trios is an intraoral dental scanner. It is fast and therefore impressions are much more comfortable for the patient. When compared to conventional dental impressions, our patients, have stated a clear preference for the 3D intraoral scanners.

Ask your dentist for more information about this technology.

Technologies utilisées pour nos soins dentaires


The use of a dental microscope gives our dental specialists much better visibility. The integrated light allows them to view areas that would otherwise be difficult to see with the naked eye especially during endodontic procedures. Our endodontist, Dr. Matthew Miller, uses the microscope for all his procedures. It enables a better diagnosis, which leads to more predictable treatments and higher success rates in addition to correcting problems that in the past were almost impossible to detect.


The intraoral camera is used to take pictures inside the mouth. By virtue of the fact that it shows an enlarged image, the intraoral camera allows the dentist to detect cavities, fractures, defective restorations and many other issues that may affect oral health.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

The projection of the intraoral images on the screen allows the patients to see and understand the treatments that the dentist is proposing.

This technology also allows us to compare the evolution of the patient’s dental health as it can be tracked through photos.


The superior quality of the 3D scan ensures a diagnosis with absolute precision. Anomalies can be detected at an earlier stage than with conventional technologies. Whether you need a root canal, dental extraction or dental implant placement, 3D scanning is the perfect tool to enable a treatment plan to be tailored for you.

This technology allows the bone and all the other details of the patient’s mouth to be visualized from different angles in three dimensions.

3D scanning is a useful tool for our endodontist, Dr Matthew Miller, to diagnose apical lesions, root fractures, blocked canals, etc. It can also be used to determine the number of roots and their morphology as well as to visualize secondary canals.

In implantology, 3D scanning is an indispensable tool as it allows our specialists Dr. Jean Poirier and Dr. Nancy Boisvert to plan precisely the site where the implants will be inserted, to determine if a bone graft is necessary beforehand and most importantly to determine if the patient mouth is a good candidate for an implant.

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