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Teeth are not naturally paper white, in fact, there is a natural variation of tooth colour from yellow to grey.

Over time teeth darken naturally as the outer layer of enamel gets thinner and the inner layer of yellowish dentin shows through. Other factors such as tobacco, food and drink, medications and trauma can also affect tooth colour. Even though it is natural to not have extremely white teeth, many people choose to brighten and whiten up their smile.

The majority of whitening products contain peroxide, either hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide, that works to bleach the enamel of the tooth. Unfortunately, however, not all teeth bleach well and therefore is important to determine why the tooth is discoloured in order to try and determine if bleaching will be effective or not. For example, yellow teeth usually bleach well whereas grey ones do not. Bleaching also will not change the colour of crowns, veneers or fillings, and rarely gives the desired results on teeth that have been traumatized or stained due to medications.

There are numerous bleaching techniques, and the decision will be made based on the degree of discoloration and the number of teeth that need to be treated. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment for your case.


This procedure is done at home via personalized trays that fit onto your teeth. A whitening gel is placed in the tray and is worn either during the day, or overnight depending on which option is better fit for you. This product is stronger than that which can de purchased in store and is therefore only available in dental offices.

  • The daytime treatment consists of wearing the trays for an hour and a half at a time, preferably twice a day.
  • The night time formula consists of wearing the trays overnight for a minimum of 4 hours.

With either procedure, your smile will radiate !

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